Arizona Sheriff Speaks Out

Arizona Beheading Committed by mexican Drug Cartel

Babeu: Cartel Showdown in Arizona Desert Imminent:

Cartoon Cartel Catapult
Morons Launch Drug Bales into Arizona

No audio, but note the soldiers in a mexican army HUMVEE being used to escort the catapult vehicle
(The idiot smugglers, of course, "got away", as usual.)

Arizona State Senator proposes forming a state-sanctioned "Border Militia"
Ho-Hum, we have already been doing that for a while now, Scooter

Drug Cartels are Creating Fake Sheriff's Patrol Cars

Leaders Recon and Site Survey
Pima County, AZ July 2010

Slideshow: Inside the Cartel Caves

Molotov Mitchell
(World Net Daily)
on the Arizona Border

Part One

Part Two

How bad will it get?
Look at what happened when the feds
abandoned a small border town in Texas

Cave-dwelling mexi-thugs
terrorize Silver Bell, Arizona,
stealing rifles, night vision equipment, and clothing

Remember, "they only come north looking for work".
Yeah, right. Only a complete dumbass would believe that.

Border Patrol management has
ordered BP Agents AWAY from our border
because it's " too dangerous "

Fox News video

Foreign paramilitary terrorist drug cartels form an
alliance to send cross-border "hit teams" into Arizona

Meanwhile, Barry Bat Ears has his "boot on the throat" of Cochise County, Arizona

Warning Signs are NOT ENOUGH

Foreign Cartel Mercenaries Launch
Deadly Desert Ambush against
Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy

Maricopa County Sheriff deploys heavy
firepower against foreign cartel mercenaries
- just 30 miles south of Phoenix

Foreign troops cross border, hold US Border Patrol Agent at Gunpoint

Here is what Arizona thinks of the U.N.

Order your copy today!

Liberalism is a
psychological disorder

Fox News "discovers" that the drug cartels have been operating
Observation Posts deep inside of Arizona

But we have been telling everyone about these
Observation Posts for YEARS

Cross-border snipers threaten Arizona Law Enforcement

Sheriff To Texas Border Town: 'Arm Yourselves'
9 April 2010

Cochise County Militia on Patrol
20 April 2010

Cochise County Militia to form a Private Military Company

Sign the petition in support of Arizona standing strong against the Criminal Alien threat.

Los Angeles High School "teacher" calls for armed Revolution within the USA

Criminal Aliens Threaten Mob Violence and Armed Rebellion With Axes and Shovels

Mobs of crazed Criminal Aliens go nuts at the Arizona State House
Feral Foreign Invaders riot, throw rocks and bottles at cops over new Arizona Law
And Bill Clinton claims that the "Tea Party" people are the violent ones?

From the Commander

August 2008 FTX
(Field Training Exercise)

More Photos

As flaccid and ineffective as our border security has become, it is only a matter of time before the "authorities" completely lose control of the situation. Not that they could do much worse than they already have.

Time to "Saddle Up", Ladies and Gentlemen. If you can volunteer, do so. If you are physically incapable of field duty, please donate whatever you can, preferably in the form of hardware and supplies. If you are not able to do either, then please spread the word and let others know how to find us. As always, your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Cochise County Militia
on the Arizona Border
September, 2008

Cochise County Militia
on the Arizona Border
May, 2008

CNN: Mexican Drug Cartels are
"the most pervasive organizational
threat to the United States"

Al-Qaida Teaming up
with mexican Drug Cartels

ABC News, KGRV, 8 May 2008
(includes online video)

Fox News: Radio Talk Show Host
Calls for a Border State Militia

    CNN: National Guard have abandoned the US southern border
    as of 15 July 2008

    Sorry, we can't take checks, money orders, or credit cards.  Donate firearms, ammunition, magazines, stripper clips, bandoliers, rucksacks, sleeping bags, tents, camo netting, 2-way radios, laptop computers, batteries, MREs, canned food, camp stoves, night vision gear, flare pistols, body armor, helmets, uniforms, tac gear, or whatever else you can think of.

Arizona Citizens Militia on the Border
"Operation Maverick Dragon"
concluded on 29 March 2006

Border News

Armored tactical vehicles deployed along US-mexico border
(About dang time)

"These people [mexican narco-terrorists] pretty much have taken control of the border and they're expanding it to New Mexico and Arizona. They want to take control of the whole border, and they pretty much have control right now."

--Sheriff Rick Flores, Webb County (Laredo) Texas, 4 April 2006

Commenting on the barrage of gunfire coming at deputies from across the Rio Grande in July 2006:

"This is one of the reasons that I do not allow my deputies to patrol the riverbanks or levies close to the river, because we do know there are drug gangs and human trafficking gangs that will not hesitate to shoot in our direction to get us out of the area."

-- Sheriff Lupe Treviño, Hidalgo County , Texas, 17 July 2006

"The weapons we possess are like water guns compared to what they have... It's not just illegal immigrants. Something more frightening is happening."

-- Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzales, Zapata County, Texas, 26 July 2006

"If the criminal aliens can put 400,000 unarmed protestors on the streets of Phoenix to DEMAND that we Citizens give them our respect, then they can certainly put 40,000 armed rioters on the streets when the Citizens tell them all to go to Hell."

--"Argonaut", Former National Coordinator for Border Rescue

Automatic weapons fire from mexico, Texas Deputies fired upon by narco- terrorists - KRGV TV, 12 July 2006
Uniformed narco-terrorists kidnap and murder private Citizens on the Rio Grande, Hidalgo County Sheriff's Deputies pinned down by automatic weapons fire from across the Rio Grande (video)

Cross-Border Military Incursion in Texas - KFOX TV, 31 January 2006
Armed, uniformed foreign troops cross the Rio Grande near El Paso, caught on videotape - PDF version

Terrorists from mexico land a military helicopter on US ranch - Arizona Republic, 3 February 2006
Heavily-armed, uniformed, masked bandits invade small Arizona ranch - PDF version

US Army deploys Stryker armored vehicles to New Mexio border - American Patrol, 22 Oct 2005
Armored Brigade is on the ground on the border, in apparent support of the Minuteman Project (photo courtesty of American Patrol)

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