"Spartan Road" / Fall FTX 20091112

Dates: 12-15 November 2009

Many thanks to the Trainers, Unit Leaders, and to everyone that participated in our Fall 2009 FTX, "Spartan Road". It was rated as our most outstanding success to date.

Our special thanks go out to "Cookie" for the marvelous meals that were offered to our members. No one can run a better Tactical Field Kitchen than Cookie can.

Our very special thanks to "Dartman" for the grueling prep work that was done in order to make our route of travel passable, and our Base Camp safe and livable. Also kudos to Dartman for handling the "kitties" so well. :)

Special commendations are due to "Killman" for his outstanding instruction.

Our thanks to "Scalpel" and "Lonewolf" for serving as our Field Medics.

Our compliments and thanks to "Revere" for putting together an outstanding Training Schedule.

Our compliments and thanks to "Covert", the Leader of the Maricopa County Unit, for serving as the ACM Commander of Troops for this exercise.

Please let Covert know if we missed anyone in the above credits.

ACM Cadre offered training on Tactical Movement, Radio Communications Equipment, Gathering Field Intelligence, and Field Interrogation Techniques (which included ACM volunteers being "waterbabied").

Further training was on Individual Camouflage, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Capture and Handling of POWs, and Radio Communications Procedures.

This was professional training, conducted in the high desert of eastern Arizona.

A hearty "Hooah" to all involved!