"Liberty Venture" / Spring FTX 20090514

Dates: 14-17 May 2009

Many thanks to the Trainers and to everyone that participated in our Spring 2009 FTX, "Liberty Venture", with Alphie Omega Training. It was an outstanding success.

Alphie Omega Training and ACM Cadre offered training on Tactical Movement, Radio Communications Equipment, Creating Caches, Gathering Field Intel, and Resistance to Interrogation (which included ACM volunteers being "waterbabied" by a professional interrogator).

Training was conducted on Field Medical Assessment, Airway Management, Weapons Selection, Principles of Survival, Signs of Dehydration, Control Bleeding, Field Expedient Splints, and Wound Stitching (which included students doing actual stiches on animal tissue).

Further training was on How to Make Your Own Saline Solution, How to Pack Wounds, Intravenous Therapy, How to Make Your Own Ghillie Suit, Principles of Personal Camouflage, Casualty Evacuation, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Perimeter Security, Radio Communications Procedures, Pace Count and use of the "Ranger Beads",

Additional training was conducted on Wilderness Survival Techniques, Identification of Edible Plants, Primitive Fire Starting Methods, Ambush, OCOKA, Traps and Snares, and Sucking Chest Wounds.

This was professional training, conducted on private property high above Flagstaff, among the pines and Aspen trees at 8550 feet.

The Yavapai/Gila County unit of the Arizona Citizens Militia showed up with a Field Kitchen trailer, and served filling and nutritious Morning and Evening meals to all who attended.

What else can we say? It was a totally "Hooah" experience.